Do you ever find yourself asking what God really wants from you, what your Christianity means in everyday life and what your kingdom assignment really is?

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In the practicality of life, is it simply belonging to a church or a home group, helping those in need and telling others the good news? Or does He want the outworkings of your life and faith to be much greater than that – greater than you thought possible in your journey with Him?

At Grow Mandate, we want to take you on that journey and support you all the way. To take you to that place of deep understanding of what God wants from you personally, in your life journey, and for your family.

Have a listen to this podcast, and you’ll grasp what we are talking about. If it resonates with you, we’d love to connect and provide the support and resources you need in your kingdom journey with Him.


The answer to humanity’s needs is the Kingdom of God. That’s why He tells us to seek it first above all. God’s will is to unlock the army sitting in churches across the world. To activate their kingdom assignment within their sphere of influence and advance His Kingdom.

not Revival

Revivals come and go, but we can’t camp at revival. It’s restoration, not just with our Father, but with each other. And that restoration must flow through to our communities – to rebuild the ruins and to restore the generations of decay. That’s Kingdom restoration.

not five-fold

God gives apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers for one reason only  – to equip the saints. That’s the focus – equipping us all to be the unstoppable living embodiment (The Ecclesia) of the Kingdom in every sphere of society.

Focus on Family

God names every family on earth – that’s how important family is to Him. He didn’t just bless Adam, give him authority and send him. He blessed them, Adam and Eve, together as the nucleus of something called family. Family is God’s primary vehicle to bring forth His dominion in the Earth.

Dynasty – Keys
to Dominion

Families are called to do more than just be. They have a God-given mandate to grow, to be fruitful, to multiply – to become dynasties. When families dream together with God, they can action their Kingdom mandate, as a family, influencing and advancing His dominion on earth.

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Sean Morris’s Christian journey is truly global, spanning three decades across many countries and cities.  Together with his wife Trudie and three children, Sean has ridden the waves of what many would refer to as ‘Christian success’, yet he found himself confronted by God in a way that challenged the very essence of what ‘Christian success’ was. And the change that resulted, not only transformed him, his marriage and his family, but resulted in the birth of Grow World – an amazing community and move of people who seek first, the Kingdom of God.


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